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"KPLUS Elevators: Your premier choice for elevator installation, repair, and AMC services. Elevate your experience with our expert solutions"
Welcome To KPLUS Elevators, Your Premier Destination For Superior Lift Installation And Maintenance Services In Hyderabad. Established In 2020, KPLUS Elevators Has Swiftly Emerged As A Trusted Name In The Industry Under The Proficient Leadership Of Mr. Raju, Our Esteemed Managing Director.
At KPlus Elevators, we understand the importance of smooth and reliable vertical transportation in today’s dynamic world. As a leading lift services provider, we take pride in offering top-notch solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.
KPlus Elevators Lifts is peerless in terms of design, customization, precision, quality and safety. KPlus Elevators Lifts today boasts cutting-edge technology of international standards that makes vertical transportation a pleasant experience compared to other lift manufacturers in Hyderabad
Our installation base of over 3000 units in and around Hyderabad (TS), Andhra Pradesh and Bangalore is mainly due to repeat orders from building promoters, Architects and consultants, Our ISO -9001 certification speaks volumes about our uncompromising quality/safety standards.
Every component undergoes stringent quality tests in the hands of highly qualified and technically competent personnel. Every elevator we manufacture comes with the ISI mark, which stands testimony to the stringent standards of elevator safety and quality code, we are committed to.


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